Java2Script Pacemaker

About Josson Smith

Josson Smith, Chinese name as Zhou Renjian, initial contributor of project “Java2Script Pacemaker” at Sourceforge, with experience of about 5 years of JavaScript programming and about 4 years of Java programming.

This blog seems be abandoned, you may read his new blog “Hacking and Existing“, or his in-writing book blog “Inside Java2Script“.

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  1. Hello Josson,

    I saw your post at eclipsezone from Dec. 29 on JS-version fo SWT.

    I published an article recently on a related topic at
    It was also referred to at and

    I think JS-SWT could be very interesting in relation to what I call RSP (Rich Server Platform). Please email me to discuss. Where are you located?

    Kind regards,

    Wolfgang Gehner

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